Insurance Violations

Insurance companies protect their profits by collecting premiums year after year and paying as little as possible in benefits to their policyholders. They will go to great lengths to avoid paying valid insurance claims. Insurance companies occasionally accuse the policyholder of insurance fraud:

  • After a fire claim, they may accuse you of arson.
  • After a disability claim, they may accuse you of faking or exaggerating your career-ending condition.
  • After a health care claim, they may review your application, looking for the chance to turn an innocent oversight into a case of misrepresentation or fraud.

Tom O’Connell stands up for the rights of policyholders. If you have been unjustly accused of any kind of insurance fraud, from arson to disability fraud, please contact us today to discuss your concerns. Insurance investigators may lurk outside your home and follow you around, photographing and videotaping you in hopes of obtaining evidence that will allow them to deny your claim.

Observation or Invasion?
Insurance companies can and do hire private investigators to perform secret surveillance of insureds who make insurance claims. Insurance investigators are allowed to photograph or film people in public places and people who are visible from a public place. They may not, however, step onto private property or use a zoom lens or other equipment to record sounds or images that could not otherwise be obtained from a public place. Such actions may amount to an invasion of privacy.

Turning the Tables on Fraud
Insurance companies and those they hire occasionally are known to make unfounded allegations of fraud in order to dissuade insureds from pursuing a claim or to manufacture a plausible-sounding basis to deny claims. Our law firm used an insurance company’s own videotape against them.