Domestic Violence Charges

Fort Lauderdale / Palm Beach Domestic violence (DV) cases are more aggressively prosecuted today than ever before because of heavy funding the police and prosecutors are receiving from special interest groups devoted to the cause of domestic violence. In the past, the police would not arrest a man or a woman in a domestic dispute in the absence of obvious evidence of serious abuse. Now, police action at domestic violence calls is dictated by a strict agenda which requires police to arrest a husband or a wife or a boyfriend or a girlfriend, if one or the other has any visible injury upon them.

The police take very brief statements and with almost no real deliberation, decide that the injured person is the victim and the non-injured person is a suspected domestic abuser. If you have been arrested for domestic violence in Fort Lauderdale / Palm Beach, you must find an experienced attorney who will assign a professional investigator to interview you and, if possible, your domestic partner and any children, relatives, friends or neighbors who may have witnessed the incident.

Your lawyer will want to set up an interview with your domestic partner at the very earliest opportunity. Quite often, the domestic partner will admit in a sworn statement that the original statement given to the police was false or grossly exaggerated and motivated by the anger he or she was feeling at the time of the incident.