Motion to Supress Granted for Pain Clinic Owner

The Defendant owns and operates a pain clinic. She was visiting her marketing director at a residence in Palm Beach wherein law enforcement stopped her while she was driving her Mecerdez-Benz. Tom O’Connell was able to get the Government to return her Mercedez-Benz and the Palm Beach State Attorney’s Office announced a Nolle Prosse as to Count I: Possession of a Scheduled Substance, Count II: Possession of a Schedule II Substance, Count III: Possession of Oxycodone, Count IV: Possession of a Controlled Substance.

The Defendant’s Motion to Suppress was scheduled for Monday morning, and Tom O’Connell provided proof his client had prescriptions which were applicable to all of the drugs located in a little ziplock carry bag and agreed to drop the charges after the Motion to Suppress was rescheduled for one week.