Tom O’Connell Earns an Acquittal in an Attempted First Degree Murder Case

In this highly publicized case, the State called numerous witnesses during trial who testified the Defendant shot a gun into their vehicle. The Defendant and his friends had attended a party where a mac-9 gun is discharged into the vehicle. All of the witness testimony was contradictory. One of the witnesses, who’s testimony was perpetuated because she had jointed the U.S. Navy, testified about the different locations of the witnesses.

The alleged victim testified he only “heard” of the shooting wherein the Assistant State Attorney assigned to the case attempted to prosecute him for perjury during trial. The Trial Court ruled the witness could testify according to his memory of the events. After deliberating for many hours the jury found the Defendant Not Guilty of Attempted Murder in the 1st Degree, Not Guilty of Burglary of Structure/Dwelling/Conveyance while armed, and Not Guilty of Shooting/Throwing a missel into a vehicle. The State had to announce a Nolle Prosequi as to the Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon because of Double Jeopardy.